Steele - Guillotine Nightmare: San Francisco Metal 83-85

Band: Steele
Album: Guillotine Nightmare: San Francisco Metal 83-85
Country: USA
Label: Lost Realm Records


1. Passion Screams
2. Tora Tora
3. U.S. Steele
4. Rock Will Never Surrender
5. Burning Bridges
6. I'm the One
7. Heavy Metal
8. Guillotine Nightmare
9. The Legend of Satan Marie
10. Cheater
11. Bittersweet
12. In My Life
13. Survivors of the Future
14. Ain't the Same


Dave Hart - Vocals, Guitars
Scot Harlan - Guitars
Dave Ladrech - Guitars
Dave Bullion - Guitars
Joe Amon - Bass
Dan Levitan - Bass, Vocals
Steve McLaughlin - Drums
Jim Lang Drums

Produced by Steele.
Mastered by Bart Gabriel.

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