Ratt - Live At The Tokyo Dome, Japan (New Year's Eve 1988, 30th Anniversary Edition)

Time for another badass previously archived concert that I have come across on Youtube. Ratt is another one of my favorite bands of all time, and I find it so odd how they don't have a lot of pro-shot footage out there.

With the exception of the Rock Palace 1984 show being available on bootleg DVD, and the officially released Videos From The Cellar (which was a documentary filmed on the band's 1985-1986 Invasion of Your Privacy tour, with their music videos from 1983-1991), there isn't any other official, pro shot Ratt footage out there sadly...until I came across a Bon Jovi concert in Japan at the famous Tokyo Dome on New Year's Eve, 1988, during THEIR MASSIVE New Jersey tour, where the band played the show with Ratt, Kingdom Come (who are also underrated), and Britney Fox (who suck).

I took the footage, boosted the colors, uploaded it in HD, and pretty much edited together the 3 songs from the entire show that Ratt was featured in:
1.) "Way Cool Jr. (Live)"
2.) "Chain Reaction (Live)"
ENCORE (featuring New Year's Countdown):
3.) It's All Over Now" by The Rolling Stones (Live, duet with Bon Jovi, Kingdom Come, and Britney Fox).

I have also boosted the volume, and you can really hear the band in top form here. Reach For The Sky is a VASTLY underrated, stellar album from the Ratt catalogue. A lot of fans have said this tour in particular was where the band really sounded at their most mature and creative peak, and iconic lead singer Stephen Pearcy and iconic guitars Warren Demartini are musically cooking here like a fine Australian sirloin! Enjoy!

NOTE: This video is PURELY for entertainment purposes. I do not take or claim any ownership or rights of this video. The rights belong to Ratt, Bon Jovi, Kingdom Come, and Britney Fox. Enjoy.
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