Quiet Riot - "Metal Health" (Bang Your Head) Live at the US Festival, 1983

Quiet Riot performs "Metal Health" Live at the US Festival. "Metal Health" is featured on their breakthrough album of the same name. The song is one of their best known hits."Metal Health" was the band's second Top 40 hit, peaking at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was ranked #35 on VH1's Top 40 Metal Songs.This clip from the DVD and CD release of "Quiet Riot - Live At The US Festival" is available at: http://www.shoutfactory.com/?q=node/175250

Quiet Riot was founded in 1973 by guitarist Randy Rhoads and bassist Kelly Garni under the original name Mach 1, before changing the name to Little Women and finally Quiet Riot in May 1975. The band's name was inspired by a conversation with Rick Parfitt of the British band Status Quo, in which Parfitt said he'd like to name a band "Quite Right", and his thick English accent made it sound like he was saying "Quiet Riot".

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Well I'm an axegrinder piledriver
Mother says that I never never mind her
Got no brains I'm insane
Teacher says that I'm one big pain
I'm like a laser 6-streamin' razor
I got a mouth like an alligator
I want it louder
More power
I'm gonna rock ya till it strikes the hour

Bang your head! metal health'll drive you mad
Band your head! metal health'll drive you mad

Well I'm frusrated
Outdated I really want to be over-rated
I'm a finder and I'm a keeper
I'm not a loser and I ain't no weeper
I got the boys to make the noise
Won't ever let up
Hope it annoys you
Join the pack
Fill the crack
Well now you're here
There's no way back

Bang your head! metal health'll drive you mad
Bang your head! metal health'll drive you mad

Metal health'll cure your crazy
Metal health'll cure your mad
Metal health is what we all need
It's what you have to have

Bang your head
Wake the dead
We're all metal mad
It's all you have
So bang your head
And raise the dead
Oh yeah!
Metal health
It's not too bad
Bad bad

Oh get your straight-jackets on tonight oh
Bang your head! metal health'll drive you mad
The bad boys are gonna set you right rock on rock on rock on
Bang your head! metal health'll drive you mad
Bang your head!
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