Rotting Christ - Ветры злые - (featuring Irina Zybina)

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Taken from the upcoming album "The Heretics". Out February 15, 2019! Order here:

Music & Lyrics by Sakis Tolis
Guest female vocals by Irina Zybina (GRAI)
Recorded in Pentagram Studios-Athens
Mixed in Fascination Street Studio-Orebro by Jens Borgen
Mastered in Fascination Street Studio-Orebro by Tony Lindgren
Produced by Sakis Tolis
Video made by:
Manthos Stergiou (

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Pray, for the earth for the forest for the fire
Call all the spirits of the globe and desire
All power that comes from within

Ветры злые, чертоги лесные,
Недра скал и гладь морей.
Лики древних,души усопших
В мареве огней.

Crimes,in the name of the Gods and the power
Now, I feel that brightest hour
to come back to life after being dead

Hail to the Gods of fire and Hail
Hail to the Gods of pyre and Hail
Hail to the earth to the air to the rain
Thanks to the Gods for the air I breath

От гиблых снов вновь пробудись,
Ледяной зыбкой мглой обратись

In our eternal touch with the nature
We see communions of life and death
We see their joyous inseparable unity
We learn that life is as beautifull as death
John Muir
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