One of the more interesting features implemented into the Madden games

One of the more interesting features implemented into the Madden games in recent time is the narrative mode called Face of the Franchise. The game has presented some brilliant ideas to players through the decades, but the game has yet to realize its true potential.Its latest version adds the possibility of Mut 23 coins creating characters and play at both higher levels of high school and college. It could, however, be far superior than that and even allowing players entire seasons at lower levels before launching into what is essentially Franchise mode but with more stories.
Present Player Scenarios In A Better Way
Players were introduced Franchise Mode's simulation engine few games back and it wasn't liked by fans. Some felt it was simply "boosts" concealed as crucial decisions that could impact the career of a player. Throwing in scenarios which players be forced to think about can be a really cool feature if executed correctly. Instead of focusing on rewarding the player with stat-based perks, let it be that the decisions can affect the way the season develops. In other words, how players can manage a smaller workload or nursing an injury to get healthy.
Create A More Effective System for Coaching
It's a bit odd that the offensive coordinator and defensive coach have not been the focal point on the field for the past. Wouldn't it be great to have three fantastic coaches working together on the same team? In addition, Franchise Mode has a tendency to hire coaches that are not in any way directly involved with the league. It would be more pleasant to have random people get jobs as coordinators then in the event that they are successful, raising them up to buy mut coins madden 23 head coach. It's at least sense than someone randomly generated taking over a franchise with no experience.
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